Vehicle and Container Tracking System

Pastikan keamanan aset kendaraan dan kontainer Anda dengan kendali dan pelacakan 24/7 yang memiliki akurasi posisi yang tinggi!

Vehicle and container tracking systems help you know the security of your vehicle and container assets with 24/7 control and tracking that has high position accuracy.

From standard vehicle tracking to professional fleet management and container monitoring for business needs, Arvento provides the right and effective solution. Arvento's advanced technology provides full visibility of the movement, location and condition of vehicles and containers, ensuring more efficient operations, better results and effective fleet management. Embrace a smarter operational future with Arvento.

Vehicle and Container Tracking System

24/7 tracking and control with high levels of positioning sensitivity and accuracy

Professional Tracking System

Track your vehicles and containers thoroughly with more features

Container Tracking

Safe long-distance transportation business solutions with specially designed devices to provide protection against water, dust and other potential hazards